Grelly®, agro tool & organic farming courses

Grelly® is a manual agro tool produced in Africa and Italy.

The Grelly® tools sales events are an early introduction to Grelly® organic farming courses.


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I.Grelly®, agro tool
Grelly® is a manual tool that loosens the soil, mainly used in the sector of vegetable farming. It is inspired by the Grelinette / Broadfork*.


Grelly® tools significantly reduce the time and fatigue involved with working

the soil, by improving the vitality and yield of productions.
Especially in developing countries, Grelly® tools can be the key factor
for a successful farming enterprise.

Grelly® tools are produced in Europe and Africa.
– Grelly tools sold on the European market are entirely produced in Italy.
– For sales in developing countries, finishing’s like welding, drilling works
and varnishing’s are realized in Benin / West Africa favoring more semi-manual working processes. , rather than working with molds.

The Grelly® “more jobs” employment policy favors artisan construction solutions,rather than the use of molds during the construction process, as example
in Africa Grelly® tools will not be drilled by a mold but by drill press,
offering more single employment instead of fast working processes
which will only offer work for very few people.

II.Grelly®, organic farming diploma
Grelly® courses are apprentice training programs for farmers in developing countries,
that are useful in order to become self-sufficient organic farmers.
Farmers can archive Grelly® diplomas after successfully attending the courses.
There are various subjects, ranging from organic agriculture, biodynamic agriculture and permaculture,
to biointensive farming courses, all essential becoming a Grelly® organic instructor.
Grelly®, organic farming courses
Grelly® is an enterprise developed by Good Agro Business UG GAB, based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Adopting a farmer in a developing country
With monthly wages often below 50 euros, investing in improvements
in one’s working capacity, is a goal that is often difficult to achieve.
The possibility of supporting an African farmer, to facilitate their purchasing of a Grelly® tool and their participation in the Grelly® organic courses will also be implemented.
Transparency policy
The Grelly® financial development transparency reference will be provided online.
*The Grelly® tool shall not be used for plowing the soil
but only for loosing as to our instruction guidelines.

Invest in sustainable education is the most important challenge for developing countries

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